HACCP Well Done!
with the digital assistent of HACCP live

HACCP live, your own digital HACCP assistant

As a hospitality entrepreneur you are busy.

You and your team work overtime to satisfy your guests, and that goes well. Every evening you are happy that everything came out of the kitchen well.

You also know that a number of things, such as HACCP, regularly remain. For any reason. You know it’s important but you can’t do everything.

The digital assistant of HACCP live comes to help you!

With the daily routine, the necessary experience and commitment.

With the digital assistant of HACCP live

Perform all tasks

The digital assistant reminds each team member of their daily tasks and helps them to perform these tasks well. For example by providing relevant information about HACCP in your company.


That motivates the team and it saves you a lot of work.

Don’t make mistakes

Due to lack of knowledge of staff, mistakes sometimes creep in that you as a company cannot actually afford. HACCP live provides grip and allows everyone to work accurately and without errors.

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That way you don’t have to worry as a manager

Adjust directly

As a manager you are ultimately responsible for the hygiene and quality of your services. Your digital assistant tells you exactly where and when you need to make adjustments to ensure quality.

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Ideally, such a real-time overview?

We are satisfied users of the digital assistant!

We are satisfied users of the digital assistant!

What does it mean if you do not have your HACCP in order?

Food spillage

Do you know what the temperature of your coolers and freezers is at this moment? If they are too high or too low, it will cost you money. In addition, your food spoils faster and your guests are at risk of food poisoning.

Hidden costs

Do you know how much time it takes to register and then keep track of what happened (or not)? Do the math yourself! It can be done much more effective!

Less turnover

Customers don’t want to enter a dirty bathroom, get lukewarm food or sit at a dirty table. Spend time and attention on hygiene and quality, otherwise this will cost your customers and therefore sales.

Prompt, fine or worse

Everywhere Food Authorities check more and more strictly. The fines are getting higher. Is your administration not in order? Then you run the risk of an official appointment, fine or, in the worst case, a closure of your company.

Risks for sick customers

Providing your customers with tasty, healthy and fresh food is what you want. Everything must be right for this. The hygiene must be top notch and the temperatures must be right. This way you prevent customers from getting sick.

Forgotten tasks

Due to operational pressure, employees are not always able to handle essential processes such as HACCP. The HACCP live app provides insight into the tasks and helps not to overlook them.

Your own Free4One digital assistant in 3 minutes!

Download HACCP live from the Appstore or the Playstore

Register for a FREE Free4One account

Your assistant is live in three minutes

The Free4One account is delivered with a full set of forms and tasks that are relevant to the hospitality industry:

Cleaning lists, temperature forms, goods receipt, sample prepared product, sample served product, regeneration, cooling, home delivery.

The Free4One account is free for three months; then you can choose from a number of subscription types based on the number of users.


The timeline gives you an overview of all the actions and messages of the day, with real-time status.

Use the timeline to complete your forms, create incidental tasks, and send messages to employees about a task, with a photo.


Task settings can be easily adjusted, such as the location of the task, the time, and the items on the form.

You can also easily adjust your coolers and freezers, your hygiene items and checklist items.


With our sensors in your coolers and freezers you never have to measure the temperature manually again.

Temperatures are stored in the cloud every 15 minutes, and you can see the temperature 24 hours a day.


If the temperature of a cooling is too high or too low, you will receive a message.

Depending on the height you will receive an e-mail, an SMS e = or a phone call.

This way you won’t throw away any money!


The digital assistant answers all the questions you have.

The questions are answered by HACCP specialists in the HACCP live network.


Through the digital assistant you can motivate employees by ‘liking’ their actions.

The more likes, the more fun it is to perform tasks and actions properly.

Download the digital assistant from the Playstore