How do you manage your HACCP?

Your finances, your promotion, planning and purchasing are well organized. You always know what is going on and you can adjust immediately if necessary. This is essential for the success of your business. The risks are big if things go wrong.

Have you arranged your HACCP as well as your security? Do you get an alarm if the temperature of your fish cooling is too high at night? Do you have insight into your invisible risks?

There is a good chance that your HACCP administration is still on paper. With all the associated risks and uncertainties. Inefficient, unclear, susceptible to fraud.

With HACCP live you create certainties for your uncertainties, and it is simply well organized.

Supermarker owner Roland Jeelof of Jumbo Nes on Ameland is very clear about this.

“Until a few months ago we still registered all of our HACCP tasks on paper. Entirely out of date. I have security monitors against shoplifting, and my records are digital. That costs money, but it also generates money: less shoplifting, for example.

I wanted to manage HACCP digitally for some time, but I couldn’t find the right tool. Until I came across HACCP live. Very flexible, everyone has their own task overview, and I see everything that happens every day.

In addition, I have installed the HACCP sense sensors in all my coolers and freezers. I certainly did not have a good idea of my risks – certainly not about the promotional coolers. Now I have real-time insight into the temperature trend of all coolers and freezers, and I recieve an alarm if something goes wrong.

And yes, it costs money just like everything else. But it also gives me something: much more insight, better control, less waste, and what is not unimportant: more peace of mind!

Why do I use HACCP live? Because it helps me to manage HACCP well! ”


Chef Sako Hopstaken from Wagamama Benelux is just as clear.

He is responsible for all kitchens in Wagamama’s restaurants.

“We are traditionally located in the western part of the Netherlands, but are steadily expanding in the Netherlands and Belgium. We recently opened a restaurant in Roermond.

The requirements from our English parent organization are rather strict and require that we work in the same way everywhere. Not only when preparing our meals, but also when it comes to hygiene and temperature monitoring. I want to be sure that this is properly guaranteed, and that I can also follow that from Amsterdam and make adjustments if necessary.

HACCP live offers me that possibility. All HACCP forms are included, but I can also include all kinds of other topics. I create central templates for the forms, including work instructions, and I distribute them across all my restaurants. There they are adapted to the situation, and that’s it.

In addition, we have installed temperature sensors in all coolers and freezers. In every restaurant the restaurant manager and the chef are alerted if something goes wrong, and I can also follow everything centrally.

In one word: an absolute must! ”