Last week I read an interview with Charly, owner of a restaurant in Birmingham. Most of the time these interviews paint a successstory, with Michelin stars, but Charly clearly needed help. His story intrigued me, and I visited him to see if I could be of any help.

Charly is worried. He has a shortage of permanent and qualified personnel, and he needs to work with temporary staff. Qualified staff is not available. Work pressure is high, and the focus lies with serving the guests as good as possible. Tasks which seem less important remain undone although they are essential for his business.

The toilets for example are not always cleaned on time. His guests notice this, and project this on the hygiene in the kitchen.
The food which is being served is not always on the right temperature, and some of the guests complain about this.
Often the temperature of his fridge is too high, resulting in vegetables, potatoes and meat having a shorter shelf life. Due to this he regularly needs to throw food away which costs him money.

On top of that some of his guests post their negative experience on social media, which influences the expectation of other guests.

Charly knows this, but he does not know how to tackle the issue. He has an enormous challenge!
His staff is too unexperienced to know what to do, and he and his chef are too busy to check this, and act upon it. The record sheets of the hygiene code are not filled in on time, or even after a few days making it nearly impossible to perform the right checks.

Charly is not alone. Many restaurant owners face the same problems, resulting in a temporary closure due to a lack of staff. A disaster for the owner and for his guests.

I cannot help Charly solving his staff-issue; I do not own a database with catering staff.

I can however make things easier for him, to relieve the work pressure. So that his temporary staff do know what they have to do, and when they have to do it. So that Charly is always  aware of what happens, and – more important – which tasks have not been executed on time. So that he is immediately informed if his fridge is too warm. So that he always has a complete overview of the situation.

The result is that his staff knows that the toilets need to be cleaned, and that they have the time to do it. That hist staff is able to serve the meals on time and on temperature.

When I showed Charly how we were able to help his colleagues his reaction was: “That’s what I want too!”

  • All tasks available on a tablet or a cash register, with their status and the person who executed the task. With the relevant instructions on how to execute the task. This provides my temporary staff with the relevant information!
  • All information real time available  so that I always check in and see the status, wherever I am.
  • With automated monitoring of my fridges and freezers, and an alert if something goes wrong!

And also affordable!