NHTV innovates in food safety!

How to bring our HACCP processes into the 21st century?

A year and a half ago the NHTV wanted to simplify the registration process involving HACCP.
Our aims were specifically to simplify the process, to save time, and to get rid of the current paper hassle.

We searched for a partner to realize our ambitions, and I found HACCP live.
We worked together to develop a tool which would fit our needs, and we tested their developments with our students. Based on the feedback of the students we made suggestions for enhancements and new functionalities.

The cooperation with HACCP live was very pleasant, efficient and productive.
HACCP live is very customer focused, listening carefully to comments and suggestions, aiming to customize the solution as much as possible.

During the past academic year we improved the tool in cooperation with our students. Now we have a complete tool at our disposal, which enables us to achieve our ambitions.¬ HACCP live gives us live insight in our food safety processes, with real time control on food safety.

Recently it has been updated to integrate with a network of wireless temperature sensors installed in our cooling equipment. This enables us to monitor the relevant HACCP temperatures in real time, alerting us when the temperatures do not meet the required values.

HACCP live simplifies the process, saves us lots of time, and frees us from our paper archives.

HACCP live brings us into the 21ste century.

The NHTV continues to innovate, and inspires you to learn from our lessons.

Of course I am available to share our experiences in more detail.

Bas Barten
Instructor catering
NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences
Academy of Hotel Management & Facility Management

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